Processed foods can they make you sick and cationic?

All processed foods reverse what nature intended.  Chemical preservatives, pesticides, additives are of a cationic 1:1, 2:1 nature.  This means your are not healthy when you eat some of these in large amounts.   it will compromise your bloodstream allowing it to be sludgy and bring about hosts of illness based on Carey Reams ‘the terrain is everything’ when it comes to our health.  Based on this you would clean your bloodstream with waters, fresh foods and healthy eating days after you did a processed food.

To test your cationic/anionic balances in your home, hospital (if private and allowed) or retreat center, just call. 07754343671 and ask for Mrs Dior to come.  When you know if you are out of balance either cationic or anionic you will then know in our clinic how to adjust yourself using food and nutritional expertise so that your blood stream and body is healthy again.

In addition you may like to find out more about bioenergetics, the one principle we use here to ascertain where you are in your health.  Using this has allowed us to become world health experts.


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