Your personal course in BioEnergetics

I’m holding Bioenergetics courses in Northern Ireland if you want to put your foot in the water of health practices super-extraordinaire.  First you need a certificate from Dr Goiz Biomagnetism Level 3.  If you’re there then I’m taking it higher.  Contact online here

What you will learn is magnificent.  I’ve done it alone for 16 years now and worked on my health to the most outstanding highest degree.  If you want to learn how to put anything right with little or no effort you can come here to learn.

It’s usual to expect the best from Northern Ireland courses so want you to know I’m particularly careful to put you through the practice part of the course first.  Not all book work and learning at a desk.  First you know how and then you find out the detail.

No more experimentation on your own.  You will receive first hand experience of your own wellness and that of others if you get to practice in your own treatment space after.

If you’ve ever heard of Kinesiology as a form of treatment and questions then put that on hold today as we’ve found the holy grain of question and answer to match your very own health and lifestyle that is easy to use, accessible and enjoyable anywhere you happen to be without fail.

Try this:  taking a thumb and finger together see if you can get them apart using the other hand.  If so you’re a priestess and that will work for us.

If not you won’t get it.

Try this: Start smaller.  Try asking a question you know the answer to.. then receive a reply by asking your thumb and finger on the same hand which are together if they want to come apart or not.  It looks like this..  simple answers are the better ones. Like you can start by calling your known name ie Suzy Dior (insert your own name please) and ask if it’s true and find your yes.  Then ask a silly question that really could only have a ‘no’ answer and see it respond.

From this you know if you can do kinesiology or muscle testing and calling it bioenergetics is a new field of thought.

by Suzy Dior

Head of Bioenergetics medicines.

kinesiology fingermuscle testing

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