Course in Reiki 2 at home or in person here.

reiki Reiki level 2 course may be worked for if you completed level 1, which is simply a days course online here if you want it.  Reiki 1 course free

Level 2 explores new ways of healing using Reiki specialist symbols you can draw.  Your work book shows you how to do this easily and simply with no tutor required.

Using these magical symbols you may create peace in people around the world as you travel or in your locality if you work hard at it.  It is a beautiful way to explore life using your skills to travel with.

Let’s say someone has a hernia.  Sometimes surgery will help and sometimes it still hurts.  You could treat it magically with Reiki symbols alleviating stress.  Could it be you could really do away with symbols too?  Maybe.  But know first that if you don’t want to try this magical source of information you won’t know anything to go furthur.

My jaw had a bone sticking out and was scheduled for major surgery.

After 1 similar Reiki session I recovered and never looked back.  No surgery was involved.  Just a simple 1 hour Reiki.   This was during my course.

To involve yourself furthur, apply by sending your current certificate from our Level 1 online that is free.  Or send us your current certificate Level 1 and I will give you access to our Reiki 2 course here.

Your course book can be sent to you free of charge.  An attunement will be given once you have read the book, practiced and completed our questionnaire testing your skills and practice work.  After the questionairre is sent completed you may make your payment for the certification level and attunement.

Level 2 gives you permission to work.  A certificate will be sent to you following your payment.  You may become insured at this point for places of work.

All Reiki Master courses follow after you attain this certification giving you the permission to heal anywhere in the world.   Donations are acceptable for this course to on Paypal or in line with our keeping a valid swap online of some course or treatment of your own.


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