Biological Flow Systems is used to treat all health issues with high success.

I went to Chicago to attend this course of Biological Flow Systems and Live Blood Microscopy with Research in Biological Medicines first in 2008 and again in 2009 followed by a advanced course in 2010-2013 in BioMagnetism and BioEnergetics as taught in Mexico University.  My driving force was first having my blood taken and shown under a microscope with Anthony Robbins in Hawaii.  Following that I left my preceding job as a Master PADI Specialist Scuba Instructor and returned to UK and Spain to study biological medicines.  Now I have returned to UK to live and it matters that you all here understand there is true health matters discussed at my health retreats.  To access me you must apply online in writing to or

Many people have been treated and become well from the most unusual, strange and untreatable health issues.  Others have recovered from acute pain quickly following even one treatment.  I offer retreats where you recover over days or weeks on your own.  I also visit one to one in your own home for full qualified at Mastery levels of therapy.  Call 07754343671 for a quick chat.


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