Diet for pH Balance

pH means potential hydrogen which is a natural balance of acidity versus alkaline in the bloodstream.

There is a certain limit of what our body is capable of surviving before it becomes sick and this is what we measure in the lab today to make sure you are well.

Urine + Saliva in balance = blood in balance

The difference in our body fluids pH is tangible and can be felt when we come into contact with various virus that keep us sick for days sometimes years.

In this practice we see that pH balance changed then the virus becomes sick and dies so that our body can heal.  It’s as simple as that.

Do the right thing when you are ill.  Sickness is caused by many reasons from disease ridden places, stress, allergies and the good old fashioned eating or drinking in excess, with drugs another.

We must save ourselves nowadays as the most prominent allopathic medicines are not curing the older generation of many of their diseases and we must come here to measure and learn how to be well again.  Sometimes in minutes, days or hours we can be well of the most serious sicknesses in the world today.

Buy your pH papers here at 15 pounds to see your own pH and tell us what the are so you can balance them with serious science.


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