Life Changes

Babies – Children – Teens – Mothers – Wise Women – Death.

Babies – new life and growing fast
Children – aiming for the top and enjoying a faster growth spurt now and then
Teens – missing their youth and aiming for the top too.
Mothers and Fathers now asking for light as they zoom to the moon historically aiming for births.
Wise Women – graciously zooming ahead to peace for mankind and other things which include more children of the next generation.
Death – Wisely aside we do no more.

On entering your Menopausal years, life changes and you wish for the best in all kinds of ways for your families. There lies ahead change with new lifes ahead of yours in grandchildren and other peoples children to look after the planet, the world in case you come back in Karma life again too! Have fun, enjoy, and remember the world is yours.

Nature calls and greed changes everything. Stop – the greed, Stop – the challenges, and relax into your form of being angels, anything that encourages Love.

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