Dr Goiz Medical BioMagnetism

The company who cares does biomagnetism which sorts out all ills from diabetes to lymes disease to huntingdons and deals with pathogens causing illness by fungus, bacteria, virus and parasites.

Without these themes by Dr Goiz who was the creator of this medicine it will be left to the masses to destroy them at the rate of 1 per 100 as they get finished with medical instruments and painful devices.   Sincerely what you want is a great biomagnetism therapy based on science.

Diagnosis is done through kinesiology finding all pathogens, virus, fungus, bacteria, parasite and disfunctions which cause  imbalance in the body of  physical, emotional, and mental  issues.  It is corrected using the biomagnetic pair.  All illness can be treated with this.   It is a vibrational phenomenon considered as a medical therapy.

The pathogen in the body distorts the normal ph in the area it is living so that it can stay alive.  The Magnetic pair rebalance the pH to a neutral level.  Pathogens cannot survive in this environment,  they die and allow the part of body to restore itself to optimum health.

How does it work. We are all magnetic.   The minerals in our body are affected by magnets. (iron inside cell and other minerals)  moon magnetic field on the water moving.  Potential hydrogen (h2o) magnet moves it)   It can be out of balance… or in balance.

Using high power 4,000 Gauss magnets to put the pH back in balance, thereby eliminating pathogens and balancing disfunctions in the body. Specific, scientific measurements and testing are used to ensure balance is achieved.

It’s simple. It’s effective. It’s efficient.  There are no side effects. Diagnosis is specific.


Eventually we will all die.  Suffering is the opposite.  Dying whilst alive.

Let us promote good health so that you may live your life fully whilst here on earth and suffer no more.


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